June 2009

UPDATE: I had initially posted the Bible Study beginning on June 25, but in fact it will begin on JULY 9.

On Thursday, July 9, there will be an initial group meeting to discuss Dr. Michael Horton’s Christless Christianity DVD lectures. This initial group will be meeting to discuss the state of churches in today’s world, to encourage each other, and to begin determining the viability of a Reformed church plant in Gig Harbor.

If you are interested in meeting please e-mail us at gigharborreformed*at*gmail.com and we will give you the information.


The most recent Christian Renewal magazine (May 27, 2009) has an article concerning our Bible Study/church plant. For those readers just a quick update. We are still moving along getting interest and gathering names for the Bible Study/church plant! Right now we are encouraged by the interest that we have had and we hope that we will continue to make contacts.

We are thinking about having an “unofficial” Bible study so that people can get to know each other and so that we can keep interest in what we want to do. We are thinking about about going through the DVD lectures of Dr. Michael Horton who is speaking about “Christless Christianity.” If you would like more information about this informal, unofficial gathering please e-mail us at gigharborreformed*at*gmail.com.

Mark Vander Pol (M.Div.)
Gig Harbor Reformed Bible Study